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frustratedDo you ever have days where it seems computers are out to get you? Tonight is one of those nights with my video capture software! I’m making my way into creating videos for my clients, despite the fact that I can’t stand my voice on video, and my recording software just will not work. I committed to doing this during soccer practice tonight (since I didn’t get it done this morning), an hour later I still have nothing produced and practice is going to end in about 45 minutes.

I have been using CamStudio to capture video, but no audio with success up to this point. I’ve created two videos with voice this week, but today it’s just not working. I’m not going to give up though. I’ve found a few alternatives I plan to test and hopefully the first one will download quickly over my super slow wifi hotspot and get the job done!

I decided to try Jing first. I remember installing it, but never using it, years ago. The first one I saw was EzVid, but there was no download link! What a way to lose site visitors! I found the FAQ and there was a link to a download page, but no download. Too many clicks and too lost, I backed right out of there.

I might not have gotten that video done (yet), but I did get a blog post written!

Do you make videos for your website? What do you use?