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I love WordPress. I rarely find a site that can’t be built on WordPress. If you’re not using WordPress, let’s see if your site can be switched over. You’ll love it. You can find free themes or pre-made themes or together we can build something entirely new and unique to you. Unique is best 🙂

If you just need a dedicated online store or forum, I can get that configured for you. A simple one page website? No problem!

I have worked with small business owners of both physical and virtual stores as well as bloggers and several photographers. I create custom ProPhotoBlogs themes or install WordPress themes you’ve purchased.

My prices are reasonable for those just starting out and I’m happy to work with you on a payment plan basis. Let me know what you need and what your restrictions are and we’ll go from there. Money should not keep you from having a great website.

For now, you can check out my portfolio over at Instanticity.com. I hope to replicate some of those entries over here pretty soon.

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  1. Hi there – I was wondering if you could take a peek at my website and let me know what you suggest and what you would charge – it needs some jazzing up for sure! I look forward to hearing from you. Most sincerely, Ashl Shapiro

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