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gplus-64Do you have trouble remembering your Google+ url? Who can remember that long string of numbers? One thing Google is severly lacking is vanity URLs. Vanity URLs are what we call it when a site let’s us choose use our username in the link to our page. For Facebook, the vanity url to my page is and Twitter is Those are easy to remember and easy to share.

Enter, a url shortener for Google+. It works very much the same as or other URL shortener services. I must let you know that this site is not affiliated with Google in any way, but it works and is useful at least until Google decides to allow everyone to set URLs with usernames. The site is easy enough to use, choose your username in the first box, for a business you probably want your business name. Now, in a new window head over to your Google+ page. Make sure you’re on your dashboard so you don’t get confused, when you initially head to G+ page, there will be 2 strings of numbers in the URL. In the address bar, copy just the string of numbers. Go back to and paste it in. Hit “add” and tada! Now you have your own short G+ URL.

Things to note: If this site ever goes away, your url will go away with it. It might be a good idea not to use this on business cards or permanent pieces of information. It’s fine when you need a quick link to give a friend, colleague or potential client or when you’re speaking to someone and want to give them your G+ profile. Also, do not use this link when linking your website to Google+! You must, must, must use the full URL in that case. Think of this as a temporarly URL to use until Google releases vanity names to everyone. (Come on Goog, whatcha waitin’ for?!)

Here’s a video (that I did not make, thank you son for interrupting!) showing you exactly what to do:

Due to increased spam, comments on this post are now disabled. For what it’s worth, there is no need to use a service anymore since Google now offers you custom URLs.