Is someone using your website images?

It happens. Mean people swipe your photos and images and use them on their own website. Here’s a quick way to check to see if any of your images have been indexed by Google from someone else.

1. Go to and click that little camera icon in the search bar

2. Paste in the URL of your image or upload the image and hit search

3. Google will return all of it’s known occurrences of this image and from there you can see if anyone is using your image without your permission

google image search

How cool is that?! Is it fail proof? Heck no! But, it’s a nice and easy way to at least take a peek and see if your image is posted (and indexed by the Great Goog) on another website.

What should you do if someone is passing off your image as their own? Politely contact them and ask them to remove the image or provide a link and credit back to you. Keep it polite, some people just don’t know image borrowing protocol. Take this as an opportunity to share your knowledge (and grab a link back!).

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One thought on “Is someone using your website images?

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