(*sarcasm ahead*) Say what? No way! I’m so mad!

I’m sure you’ve seen it around Facebook, but if not, let me share

Apparently facebook fooled something up and published everyone’s PRIVATE MESSAGES from 2007-11 as timeline entries. they are coming up on your page as wall posts, in addition to the wall posts that you DID actually post there on purpose.

I checked my wall, and they were there. On the right-hand side, click on each year from 2007 and on, and check the “friends” section; hover to the top right of the box and you’ll see an edit/remove option where you can choose “hide from timeline”.

Check yours because obviously what we write to an individual we didn’t want posted on facebook for everyone to see! {THIS IS NOT SPAM!!! I JUST FIXED MINE!!!!!!}


False, false, false and more false. People will get so worked up and repost anything without checking! This time it happens to be that Facebook leaked private messages. As it turns out, private messages were not leaked. What you are seeing is simply wall posts. Think of all those “Happy Birthday” posts your friends put on your wall every year. Back in the day, you couldn’t reply to a wall post, you had to click over and put your reply on your friend’s wall. So, my friends, that is what you are seeing. It looks like a private message, but I bet if you dig through your private message inbox, you won’t find it. You also won’t find those private messages you’ve saved publicly displayed on your wall.

Techcrunch has done an independent investigation and found no private message leak. If you still believe it to be true, then please share! I’d love to see screenshots of the posts in your inbox and on your timeline. I couldn’t find any of my own. I’m siding with TechCrunch on this one.