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Don’t let the little things slip! You can’t just have a website, you have to maintain it. That means keeping WordPress and plugins updated and having regular backups of your site on hand. Change out images as needed to keep things fresh, edit dead links, add new links. These little menial tasks that you just do not want to do, I will do for you.

It’s okay to ask for help in maintaining your site. Whether it’s a one time thing or an ongoing monthly plan your looking for, just let me know. I have recovered hacked blogs, moved sites from one server or domain to another, fixed email issues, typos on a page, reconfigured navigation bars and swapped out images.

I offer a Monthly Back Up service and a WordPress Monitoring and Updating service for your website that are both affordable and take the pressure off of you. I will keep your wWordpress site updated and/or keep a monthly backup externally. You can’t always rely on your hosting company to release the backups they make. Keeping WordPress updated is just one way to protect you against hackers.

You can order either of these services over at under Website Management

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One thought on “Website Maintenance

  1. I found your information on Robin Owens site. I have a web site but not sure how good it is.
    Can you look at it and give me your input about it. I tried to blog something recently (which I have just started paying attention to) but not sure I’m even doing that correctly and I know there is a problem with the way it post on my facebook page.

    I have 2 FB pages – one for portraits and one for boudoir. Since I have more fans on the Portrait side I let my blog post go there to try to encourage them to move over to the boudoir page. Not sure that makes any sense but I’d appreciate your analysis of my situation as well as a proposed price to help me get things working effectively to reach a higher end boudoir clientele.

    Thank you,

    The Boudoir Facebook page is

    The portrait page is

    Thank you.

    Cathy Benton

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